US Server Net has provided small business and non-profit site planning, design, development, hosting, training, and security management since 1997, always with a focus on performance and reliability.

wordpress1 We transitioned to building sites with WordPress in 2008. Both designers and business owners appreciate the power, flexibility, and ease-of-use this open source web platform delivers.

Search-engine friendly, it allows for multiple users and is scalable, so it grows as your business grows. As an open source project, it is supported by a worldwide team of developers.

In 2015 US Server Net, LLC Cooperative was formed by a group of designers, developers, and small business owners as an autonomous, self-help organization. Its mission is to provide managed WordPress services and education in adherence to Cooperative Principles. An elected Advisory Board oversees the technical staff.

After one full year of operation, USSN Coop hosts sites for a growing base of businesses and organizations. Subscriber pricing makes joining USSN a smart hosting solution for designers, agencies, or anyone managing multiple sites.

How Carson

How Carson serves as USSN's Chief Technology Officer and Operations Manager. The former publishing systems analyst and network architect began working in hypertext development in 1989. He now teaches and consults on Web Publishing for Coop members and subscribers.

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US Server Net, LLC 2016 Advisory Board

How Carson, Chair - How Carson Consulting
Wes Sadler, Secretary - Noizebusters
Brian Griffiths, Marketing Committee - Strong Point Graphics
Matt Hirsch, Technology Committee
Tom Knoble, Education Committee - Pig Art Graphics
Ann Stolinsky, Business Committee - Gemini Wordsmiths, Gontza Games
Karen Meshkov, Member-at-Large - Natural Awakenings, Buxmont/Main Line

USSN Coop Staff

Wes Sadler, USSN Coop
Wes Sadler, Member Services
Wes is an Audio Engineer and one
of USSN's Charter Members.
Matt Hirsch, USSN Coop
Matt Hirsch, Site Services / Internships
Matt is an Arcadia U. CompSci grad and
supervises the Coop's Internship Program.
Annina R. - USSN Coop Site Services
Annina Ruggirello, Site Services
Annina was USSN Coop's first Intern
and is an Engineering major at Bucknell.