US Server Net, LLCUpdate January 2018 … USSN continues to grow and provide exceptional value for small business owners and non-profit organizations who rely on WordPress for their web presence. Annual Subscription payment qualifies you to apply for Cooperative Membership. Subscribers receive the full bundle of premium services and software, but do not qualify for free or reduced-price admission to Coop training or Cooperator discounts, and do not have voting privileges in Coop elections.

All memberships include the Premium Toolkit, a formidable collection of software for which the Coop has developer licensing. The entire bundle is available both Web Hosting Cooperators and Subscribers.

The subscription rate for 2018 is $420 for a year when prepaid, with multi-year discounts for two- and three-year subscriptions. Services and Membership run from the first day of the month following subscription. Alternatively, a monthly subscription is available for the rate of $39 per month.

Your USSN managed WordPress site, on your own domain, is provisioned with a customizable framework and the USSN Toolkit of premium add-ons for productivity, performance and security. Software and services provided are as defined on this site and in the USSN Terms of Service.

You will have member discounts available on products and services from other USSN members including design, development, photography, videography, writing and editing, SEO, and marketing; other products and/or services may be offered from time to time.

USSN’s cooperative business is overseen by our Advisory Board, composed of members who are elected by members. Each member, regardless of the number of sites hosted, gets one vote in Board elections per the Cooperative Principle of one member, one vote.