Join USSN for an Open House for Coop members, subscribers, and 2017 Summer of WordPress students and interns.

We will be announcing a full program of summer sessions during July and August, with opportunities to learn more about what WordPress is, how it works, and how it can help you achieve your web presence and business goals. Both intensive design and development programs, as well as lunchtime workshops of general interest topics, are being offered throughout the summer.

Guests are invited to stop by to see our Training Center, talk with staff about our Summer of WordPress programs, and meet Coop members.

We are also inviting prospective interns, anyone interested in learning WordPress, web design and development, site administration and security, or web marketing and search optimization to apply for a Summer of WordPress Internship, a 36-hour program starting July 10-11 with three two-hour WordPress workshops each day (lunch included). There are then six weekly one-hour workshops. The remaining 18 hours are assisting Coop staff with customer service, marketing and business development activities, and technical tasks to the extent of their ability.

Each intern gets a hosted site for July, August, and September to build whatever kind of site they'd like to create. The 18 hours of Coop work are compensated in hosting credits such that they will have earned a year of managed WordPress hosting for their site when the intern site expires at the end of September.

If you are interested in an internship, please email or call the number below.