US Server Net, LLC is a Managed WordPress Hosting Cooperative, providing web services for individuals, small businesses, professionals and non-profits. Our office and training center is in Willow Grove, PA.


As a Coop, we are a member-owned, democratically-run company, whose operations are overseen by an elected Board of Advisors. About half of our members are web designers or businesses whose clients need web services. Others are business owners who want to assure top quality web services for their organizations. We enjoy working with, and providing training for, start-ups and entrepreneurs who are interested in learning how to be web designers, or those who want to reduce the cost of their web presence by becoming website do-it-yourselfers.

Anyone interested in learning WordPress, web design and development, site administration and security, or web marketing and search optimization is invited to apply for a Summer of WordPress Internship starting July 10-11 with three 2-hour WordPress workshops each day (lunch included). There are then six weekly 1-hour workshops. The remaining 18 hours are assisting Coop staff with customer service, marketing and business development activities, and technical tasks to the extent of their ability.

Each intern gets a hosted site for July, August, and September to build whatever kind of site they’d like to create. The 18 hours of Coop work are compensated in hosting credits such that they will have earned a year of managed WordPress hosting for their site when the intern site expires at the end of September.

After completion of 15 hours of work training, learning WordPress and administrative tasks needed for work assignments, interns are credited $12/hr towards Coop membership (which includes a fully-provisioned WordPress website). After completing 35 hours of work, they have earned full membership.

Part-time and freelance work opportunities are available for those who complete the internship and become Coop members. As a member, you have access to member discount rates for new subscribers you bring to the Coop. The subscribers pay the full retail price and you receive the difference as a fee share. Coop members who have skills needed by others to produce a top-notch website are encouraged to offer member discount rates. Our community includes designers, developers, programmers, artists, writers, editors, photographers, videographers, marketers, social media experts and search engine optimization specialists.

As an intern or Coop member, you will have access to educational opportunities through Buxmont Technology Education, our Cooperative training initiative. Classes are held at our Willow Grove Training Center for a wide range of business and technology topics, and we are planning a webinar series that will begin in the Fall of 2016.

If you are interested in a career in website design or development, if you have an entrepreneurial spirit and are thinking about starting your own business, or if you know others who will need the kind of web services and support that the Coop offers, you are a good candidate for our internship program.

For more information and to schedule an interview, please email your resume and an explanation of what you hope to achieve through an internship with USSN to:

To speak with a Coop representative, or if you have questions about web services, WordPress, cooperatives, or educational opportunities, call us at 215-830-9900.