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About USSN

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Our Team

As a Cooperative, US Server Net is owned and operated by our members. Our team includes talented web and graphic designers, content writers, and marketers who can help other members and subscribers with site planning and creation as well as business services.

Our Story

US Server Net has provided small business and non-profit site planning, design, development, hosting, training, and security management since 1997, always with a focus on performance and reliability.

We transitioned to building sites with WordPress in 2008; designers and business owners appreciate the power, flexibility, and ease-of-use this open source web platform delivers.

In 2015 US Server Net, LLC Cooperative was formed by a group of designers, developers, and small business owners as an autonomous, self-help organization. Our mission is to provide managed WordPress services and education in adherence to Cooperative Principles. An elected Advisory Board oversees the technical staff.