Website Training

Presentations & Workshops

Available Topics

Website Security - Passwords, firewalls, encryption, backups and malware scanning.

Domain Names - The domain system directs Internet traffic. Topics: the importance of name selection, traditional .com, .net, and .org domains, and new Top Level Domain (TLD) names that are now available.

Web Graphics - Photos and artwork on your site should be optimized for fast loading, and saved with search-friendly file names in web-friendly formats. Demonstration of file formats and sizes, cropping and scaling, rotating, and color adjustment.

WordPress Overview - This free software powers millions of sites. We'll review its development, requirements, components, add-ons, and design process, plus share information on site administration, SEO, marketing, and costs.

Free Software - Also known as open source software, these freely available software products can save the expense of purchasing commercial software. What is it, is it reliable, why should it be considered as a viable alternative, and how do I get started.

Plus …

  • Membership Sites
  • Widgets & Widget Areas
  • Creating and Managing Forms
  • Tweaking Your Site with HTML & CSS